Court Rules

Tennis Attire

Proper tennis attire is required to play on Granville courts. Shirts and shoes are required. Smooth tennis soles or proper clay court shoes are required. When running shoes or other non-tennis play shoes with heavy tread are worn, damage to the court surface may require additional cost and resources to resolve. Please be respectful of this and help keep our courts in good condition for everyone’s enjoyment.

Court Conditions

Our Courts

Play is prohibited when the courts are wet enough to show footprints or when the nets are lowered and conditions have not improved. Please check the courts frequently as they often dry within a short period of time. When members violate the wet court rule, this can seriously damage the court surface and require additional cost and resources to resolve.

Court Etiquette

To address any questions of etiquette, the Granville Tennis Club has adopted the Basic Rules of Tennis and Tennis Etiquette document published by the Bosque School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These rules shall be observed as a courtesy to other members and guests on the tennis courts.

Court Time Limits

Generally, any one court is limited to 1.5 hours of play. If no persons are waiting for an open court, any play may continue beyond the limit. However, it is expected that members are aware of their contiguous playing time, be respectful and relinquish a court to a waiting member if a total of 1.5 hours has been reached regardless of the time a waiting member may have arrived.

Reserved Courts

Members are not able to reserve courts for personal use. Court use is strictly first-come, first-serve basis. However, there are organized Club activities that do necessitate court reservations. Days and times may vary annually. Club activities will typically not reserve all courts at one time, allowing for as much open court time for arriving members as possible. Seasonal reservations for some courts can be expected for the following:

  • Tennis Pro Regular You and Adult Clinics
  • Established Club tennis leagues that are open for participation by any tennis skill level-appropriate member.
  • GCTA women’s and men’s team practices and home matches

Bringing Guests

A member may bring a non-member guest to the courts for a $10 fee. The number of times an individual may be a guest is limited to 5 visits per season. Please sign and date the member guest sheet on the bulletin board. Guest fees will be billed to the member by the club Treasurer.

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